orange locomotive air conditioner

The Orange Locomotive Air Conditioner

3-APE logoKeep cool and fire up the engines

Our proprietary Orange Locomotive Air Conditioner runs directly off the locomotive’s batteries using Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. The Orange AC will save your company up to 30% of its cooling-related energy costs.

Key features:orange locomotive air conditioner

  • 72 VDC
  • Does not require an inverter
  • Reduces power surges
  • Split-system components can fit any cab
  • Can be installed in new-build or existing locomotives 

Complete system includes:

  • 2 Evaporators
  • Compressor with brushless motor
  • Condenser 

The Orange AC integrates itself seamlessly into existing cabin interiors, without looking like a retrofit. The unit meets all current industry regulations.