CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machining Centre

CNC Knife Cutting

Unprinted Vinyl Films, Printed Vinyl Films, Thin Gauge Plastics (ABS, Polycarbonate or Polyethylene), Thin Aluminum Sheets, Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic

We can custom cut vinyl, aluminum, polycarbonate and other thin material to requested shapes and sizes.

CNC Knife Cutting services:

  • All Systems have multiple tool heads and vision systems

CNC Routering

Dunnage, Building Lettering, Flooring, Jigs, Furniture Parts, Plastic Sign Blanks, Custom Parts

INPS can shape and profile MDF, wood, chipboard, MFC and metals.

CNC Routering services:

  •  rotary engraver for metals
  •  rotary engraver for plastics
  •  router tables
  •  Engraver or mill plastics, woods, metals

Waterjet Cutting

Building Panels, Sign Blanks, Aluminum Lettering, Glass, Mirrors, 2D Metal Parts, 2D Fiberglass Parts

We can cut metal and other thick substrates.

Waterjet Cutting services:

  • Cutting area
  • Able to cut material from 0.020” thick up to 10” thick
  • Water only cut plastics, wood or other soft materials
  • Water plus abrasive to cut hard substrates like glass, high pressure laminate, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals