Coating - Painting
Power Coating



Letters and Logos, Metal Parts, Plastic Parts, Supplied Parts, Automotive Parts, Dash Panels, Sign Faces

Painting is most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects.

Painting Capabilities:

  • 10' x 10' x 10' spray booth
  • Capable of HVLP spraying acrylics, urethanes enamels and other paint systems
  • Able to create selectively masked painted parts
  • Capable of painting for OEM automotive interior components
  • Large oven to cure paints as required


Assemblies, Metal Parts, Name Plates

Durable, long life, high protective paint coating.

Power Coating Capabilities:

  • Automated Conveyor System max size 48" x 48"
  • Manual up to 120" x 96"

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