Digital Die Cutting
Die Cutting


Digital Die Cutting

Printed Vinyl Films, Unprinted Vinyl Films, Logos, Decals, Vinyl Legends, Polycarbonate Signage, Polyethylene Signage, Thin Aluminum Sheets, Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic, ABS, Fiberglass, Gauge Plastics

Computerized Cutter to fine tune your end products.

Digital Die Cutting Capabilities:

  • 24” x 30” Orbital X Photopolymer Processor
  • Painted colour or clear coat with UV protection

Die Cutting

Logos, Decals, Labels, Face Plates, Control Panels, Plastics, Polycarbonate Products

Die Cutting (full cut) or kiss cutting (partial cut) Materials.

Die Cutting Capabilities:

  • 1 – 29” x 36” Clam shell with heat and embossing dwell cycle
  • 1 – 36” x 60” Flatbed hydraulic with heat and embossing dwell cycle


Braille Signage, Domed Name Plates

Embossing – a male and female die to form a raised component of a sign.

Embossing Capabilities:

  • 1 - 29" x 36" Clam Shell with heat and embossing dwell cycle
  • 1 - 36" x 60" Flatbed Hydraulic with heat and embossing dwell cycle


Anti-Graffiti, Decals, Masking, Panels, Pre-Spacing, Scratch Resistance

Providing a protective film, an adhesive or laminate two parts together to make a product stronger.

Laminating/Masking Capabilities:

  • 2 - 66" Multi roll / station Heater Laminators with unwind/slitting and rewind options
  • 6 - 60" Cold Laminators with unwind / rewind options
  • 6 - 36" Cold Laminators with unwind option

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