Digital Printing
Screen Printing



Serial Numbers, UID Labels, Bar Codes, Corporate Identification

Utilizing the porous nature of unsealed anodized aluminum to create a sub-surface image.

Anodizing Capabilities:

  • Photosensitive images for low volumes, serial  numbering, fine detailed
  • Screen printed for larger quantities or multiple colors
  • Bar Coding / Data Matrix
  • UID Labeling

Digital Printing

Multi-colored Custom Signs, Window Graphics, Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics, Decals, Real Estate Signs, Fleet Graphics

On demand printing capabilities, short turn around and even a modification of the image with each impression.

Digital Printing Capabilities:

  • 3 Large Format Digital Presses
  • Roll to Roll or Flatbed Printing

  • 3M Certified Inks Used

  • 3M Matched Component MCS

  • 3M Platinum Select UV Digital Printer

  • 6 Color Plus White

  • UV Cured Inks

  • Long Term Outdoor Durability

  • Use of 3M Preferred Installers

Screen Printing

Street Signs, Decals, Fleet Graphics, Custom Designed Products, Regulatory Signage, Large Volume Wraps

From small decals to large Fleet Wraps INPS has mastered the art of using a stencil to apply ink onto other substrates such as vinyl and plastic.

Screen Printing Capabilities:

  • Over 10 printing presses
  • Printers from 12” x 18” up to 60” x 144”
  • 6 print station unit
  • 6 curing stations
  • Once load and unload station
  • Maximum size 38” x 50”
  • 6 color processes
  • UV Cure Inks
  • Conventional Cure Inks
  • 2K Inks
  • Clean Room Printing Capable
  • 3M Platinum Select Screen Printer, MCS Warranty

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Download the INPS Capabilities PDF document.