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The INPS Graphics Team

INPS Canada



Michelle Humann-De Ruiter

Michelle Humann-De Ruiter – Business Development (2005 - Present)

An invaluable member of INPS, Michelle spearheads all marketing efforts for the company, from advertising to sales. Her primary goal is spreading awareness of the company’s products, expertise and prominent role in the industry.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1337



Heath Lalonde

Heath Lalonde – Account Manager (2016 - Present)

Heath has over 20 years of experience in the graphics industry. From fleets to both exterior & interior graphics, his knowledge and expertise is very much appreciated by his clients and INPS. Located in the GTA, Heath is available and responsive to all client questions. He works closely with the customer to assure INPS exceeds their expectations.

Contact Information:

Dan Thomas

Dan Thomas – Sales Business Development (2018 - Present)

Dan brings years of experience in the OEM industry. Dan works on new business sales with OEM organizations in a variety of industry sectors. He educate new prospects on the vast manufacturing capabilities at INPS. His goal is to provide parts and components that are vertically integrated with the manufacturing of Transit, Rail, Military, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Contact Information:


Carly Proulx – Customer Service Representative (2011 – Present)

With nearly a decade of work in graphics with the INPS team under her belt, great customer service is at the heart of Carly’s work with her clients. Carly is available to help quote graphic needs for architectural projects and transit graphics as well as coordinate architectural installations across Canada. In addition to handling daily requests from clients, Carly is responsible for ensuring the shipment of parts, and the invoicing for projects and orders.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1357
 (905) 699-2733

Kelly Glatt

Kelly Glatt – Customer Service (2014 - Present)

Kelly has extensive training in Customer service. Her role includes sales, order taking, returning calls, invoicing, answering phones and dealing with shipping. Kelly is responsive and detailed oriented. She is knowledgeable on the internal process of INPS jobs. She has been involved with over 1500 accounts. She is available for communication regarding customer orders.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1260

Dennis Urbach

Dennis Urbach – Special Projects (1990 - Present)

As the company’s primary way-finding and signage installation consultant, Dennis is well-versed in traffic logistics, municipal bylaws and AODA standards. He works very closely with our design engineers, taking a hands-on approach to solve the most complex signage problems.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1225

Dave Wade

Dave Wade – Field Engineer / Graphic Artist (1992 - Present)

Dave is the INPS Group’s primary driver in the areas of product design, development and estimation. He consults with our marketing and sales experts to precisely identify customer requirements with relation to product specifications and capabilities.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1251

Brent Ball

Brent Ball – Production Artist (1993 - Present)

Brent has worked in INPS’s art department for over 23 years. He is proficient in Corel Draw, Illustrator and Photoshop. His main role is to prepare art files and films for production. His job also includes importing customer information to create drawings and to work out layouts for art approval. His attention to detail and creativity makes him a lead in our INPS Art Production Group.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1236

Tara Dezan

Tara Dezan – Production Artist (2004 - Present)

Tara came to INPS with a Fine Arts background and has been part of our group for almost 20 years. She is our lead artist when it comes to braille, wayfinding signage, parking lot signs, fleet graphics and specialty wrap projects. Her vast industry knowledge, attention to detail and dedication, makes her a valuable team member at INPS.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 ext 1339

Shawn Robicheau

Shawn Robicheau – Lead Installer / Supervisor (16 Years Experience)

Shawn is able to read and interpret site plan drawings. He is an onsite ambassador in client relations and spearheads our installation efforts from start to finish ensuring top quality craftsmanship and detailed communication.

Contact Information:
519-455-7647 x 1243

Jorge Penagos

Jorge Penagos – 3M Preferred Graphic Installer (14 Years Experience)

3M Preferred Graphic Installers are recognized as the most prestigious graphic installers in the world! Jorge’s knowledge of appropriate materials, proper use of tools, master techniques and skilled professional graphic installations set him apart from other installers.

Contact Information:
 519-455-7647 ext. 1294

Colin Patton

Colin Patton – Installations (Installing since 2019)

Colin is trained in customer relations. He is proficient in in vinyl applications (windows, walls and floors).  Colin is also involved in architectural sign installations for buildings as well as ground mounted signage for lawn and parking lots.  He has a good understanding of the CSA Standards of sign placements to meet AODA requirements.

Contact Information:

Leroy Turner

Leroy Turner – Installer (20 Years Experience) 

An invaluable member of INPS. Leroy is an onsite ambassador in client relations. Well versed in all aspects of media and installation, he spearheads our installation efforts from start to finish ensuring top quality craftsmanship and detailed communication. 

Contact Information:



Jason Jacyno

Jason Jacyno – General Manager (1999 - Present)

Jason is a strong leader with great interpersonal skills. He has been running the day to day operations of our Longview Texas production facility for nearly 10 years and continues to provide effective methods in preparing budgets, controlling inventory and handling logistics. Jason is skilled at building long term relationships with key accounts, which is an integral part of our company’s success.

Contact Information:
1-800-565-3509 x 3221


INPS Mexico


Héctor Enrique Mena Moreno



Héctor Enrique Mena Moreno – Client Development (2017-Present)

Hector joined INPS Mexico in 2017. A graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, Hector brings a wealth of knowledge and sales professionalism to the Graphic Industry.

Contact Information: