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International Name Plate Supplies is a long-standing global partner to 3M for over 40 years. INPS’s approach to the market is in step with 3M in our approach to providing innovative customer solutions. INPS continuously demonstrates expertise in printing and finishing graphics. The processes and converting INPS undergoes exceed 3M’s expectation and they have the distinction to offer 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System) warranty, which is the most comprehensive finished graphics warranty in the industry. You can trust your brand to INPS & 3M knowing your graphics will endure for the length of their intended life. In Canada International Name Plate is also recognized as a Select Platinum Partner which is the highest level a graphic manufacturer can achieve. At 3M we value International Name Plate Supplies as an innovative partner and look forward to continuing to evolve the relationship.

~ Karly Pinder, 3M Graphics Sales Specialist

Thank You International Nameplate for producing 1000’s of face shields that were mandatory at our plant due to COVID-19. Made lives simpler for everyone here to be able to have these at their disposal and felt safe to continue to perform their jobs. Well Done.

~ Shelley Ciuciura - Facility Purchasing Coordinator - Cargill

Signage is often the forgotten component of many projects resulting in tight budgets and schedules that must be met regardless. International Name Plate Supplies has continuously provided me support to meet both situations for successful project completion. The staff is friendly, well informed, and on numerous occasions they have worked collaboratively with me to develop solutions on challenging signage projects.

~ Fanshawe College

INPS has been very helpful in solving the issue we had with our existing signage. It was heavy and would fall off the walls due to this weight. They were able to source a much lighter material and still produce the signs to look exactly as our standards. Staff are very responsive and willing to help us find solutions for our problems whatever they may be.

~ Patricia Robinson, Facility Planning and Project Consultant, St. Joseph’s Health Care

INPS demonstrated extreme knowledge and expertise when selected to undertake the Mercedes-Benz image change. They completed the colour change over in a timely fashion and clearly met our expectations. The dealership looks re-vitalized and fresh and has received rave reviews.

~ Brent Wilson, P.Eng, PMP National Manager, Facilities & Real Estate, Mercedes-Benz Canada

INPS has provided a collaborative approach to finding solutions for various projects that we have worked on. INPS has everything in-house from design to installation, providing a one stop solution for bringing a concept to reality.

~ Jeff Sutherland, Manager Operations Execution, Tim Hortons

We have a long standing relationship with INPS attributed to their commitment to great service and competitive pricing.

~ Jonathon Aarts, Partner John Aarts Group, J-AAR Excavating