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autodata solutions inps branding
autodata solutions inps graphicsautodata solutions custom graphics inps

Branding New Corporate Office for Autodata Solutions Company

Project Overview: 

Autodata Solutions Company moved to a new location to allow their company room to grow. INPS manufactured the corporate logos and letters, lifestyle images, wall murals and privacy films for their new corporate office.


Autodata had a unique corporate colour that INPS needed to colour match. Privacy films were to be branded and visible on both sides of the window.


At INPS we strive to meet the expectations of our customers. Colour matching was achieved by involving our engineering and ink mixing department. The end result was a three layered laminate on acrylic with shadow spaced letters.

The window film was vibrant, visible and legible on both sides of the window. This was attained by digitally printing the window film in two layers with an opaque film called FLEXtwin® set in between. The end result was a happy customer.

Project Details: 

Location: Autodata Solutions Company, London, Ontario

Scope of Project: