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Garbage System with Custom Decals Installed by INPS Graphics at Budweiser Gardens

Custom Garbage & Recycling System at Budweiser Gardens

Custom Decals and 3M™ DI-NOC™ Wood Finishes

3M Di-Noc and Custom Decals for a Garbage System installed by INPS Graphics at Budweiser Gardens Custom Garbage and Recycling System Designed and Installed by INPS Graphics at Budweiser Gardens
Project Overview: 

Budweiser Gardens required a solution to reduce contamination in their waste. This involved introducing a three stream bin to separate compost, recycling and waste.


A compost, recycling and waste system was required for each suite at Budweiser Gardens. Management had a vision for the new system to meet size requirements and to match current wood fixtures.


Our team visited the entertainment centre to understand the size and colour specifications. The bins were designed and the dimension of the holes were tailored to fit all types of compost, recycling and waste typically found on site at Budweiser Gardens.

To match the wood finish, a 3M Di-Noc material was chosen to blend in with the décor. Instructional decals were applied to ensure proper separation of compost, recycling and waste. Our team installed each of the 38 units in the suites.

Project Details: 

Budweiser Gardens Entertainment Centre in London, Ontario.

Scope of Project: 
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • CNC Machining
  • Millwork
  • Digital Printing
  • Installation