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 HVAC Unit Wrap at Western University

HVAC Vinyl Unit Wrap at Western University

University College

HVAC wrappingHVAC wrapping case

Project Overview: 

To provide Western University’s historical signature building University College with a utility vinyl graphic wrap for its large industrial HVAC unit located on the rooftop.


The utility  wrap was required to match the aged stone and maintain the historical features of the building, while bringing the mechanical and electrical systems into the 21st Century. The brick image was printed using a HP Printer on 3M-180C-10 with 3M 8519 overlaminate.

The HVAC was difficult to access as it was located on a rooftop and the only gateway was an outside access ladder. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, had to be running during the installation which caused a noisy and windy environment. The HVAC had many rivets and screws creating installation obstacles.


Our graphics team which included our 3M certified installer, installation specialist, project manager and marketing manager visited the site to inspect the job and application. High resolution photos were taken of the existing stone located on the exterior of the University College building.

INPS’ two installers created a rope system to move the printed vinyl material and equipment to the rooftop. Due to the high winds coming from the Industrial HVAC, the installers had to install the project in smaller pieces to ensure there was no bubbling, dirt or design mishaps with the installation. Our installers cut around each rivet and screw individually to ensure a long lasting graphics application. The job was completed in 30 hours by two installers.

Project Details: 

Location: University College – Western University, London, Ontario

Scope of Project: 

  • Design
  • Print
  • Installation
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wall Mural
  • Vinyl Graphics Wrap for Wtility boxes