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Custom Window Films in London's Central Library installed by INPS Graphics

London Public Library

Custom Photopolymer Signage, Wayfinding & Glass Films

Custom Window Graphics at London's Central LibraryCustom Wayfinding System Manufactured and Installed by INPS Graphics at London's Central LibraryCustom Photopolymer Signs Manufactured and Installed by INPS Graphics
Project Overview: 

Central London Library renovated their entire space with a fresh look. INPS manufactured and installed the exterior signage, window graphics, privacy film and wayfinding.


Colour Matching: Central London Library selected a new colour standard comprised of 14 unique pantone colours. These colours had to match on screen printed, digitally printed and painted parts.

Manufacturing: LPLs sign standard requires a 4-colour paint process on photopolymer signs.

Installation: Vinyl applications required a lift to extend 40 feet in a narrow corridor of glass.


At INPS Graphics we strive to meet the expectations of our customers. Colour matching was achieved by involving our engineering and ink mixing department. The end result was a perfect match across all products for any given pantone. When manufacturing 4-colour painted photopolymer signage, our engineers developed a specific process allowing the photopolymer signage to take all 4 colours and be completed on schedule. Window film installation was completed using a custom lift with padding along the sides to access the tricky areas, The end result was properly colour coded areas and a very happy customer.

Project Details: 

Location: Central London Public Library, London, Ontario

Scope of Project: 
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Research and development
  • Room identification
  • Wayfinding
  • Privacy films
  • Window graphics
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Custom logos & letters