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Transport Truck Graphics and Decals by INPS Graphics

Transport Truck Graphics for Manitoulin Transport

Custom Truck Decals & Logos

Manitoulin Transport Truck Fleet Graphics by INPS GraphicsFleet Graphics and Decals by INPS Graphics

Project Overview: 

INPS Graphics manufactures transport truck graphics for Manitoulin Transport. Graphics include: Logos, Trailer Stripes, Unit Numbers, Reflective Logos, Cab Door Graphics, Rear Door Decals, Trailer Decals.


There are many different types of trucks. The trucks differ in size, door type and refrigeration option. Each truck type requires different signage and decals.


INPS Graphics reviews inventory each time an order is issued. Decal kits are created depending on the truck type. INPS stocks on a regular basis 10 kits per truck type.

Scope of Project: 

  • Vinyl Letters
  • Paint Stencils
  • Screen Printed Reflective Logos
  • Styrene Signage
  • Inspection Decals
  • Safety Decals
  • Trailer Banners for Refrigerated units
  • HDPE Signage with Reflective Graphics
  • GVW Decals
  • Striping