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Recognizing Dedication and Building a Legacy

Parkwood Hospital Donor Wall

Recognizing Dedication and Building a Legacy

sign of honorwall mural
Project Overview: 

To revitalize and expand an installation honouring war veterans and recognizing donors, that would more comprehensively pay tribute to the dedication, sacrifice and service of the honourees.


To create a new mural that would incorporate the existing donor wall and would allow for future additions and annual updates that would seamlessly fit into the overall design.


A new design was created that would harmoniously connect the established Parkwood Heroes wall mural to the adjoining chapel. A glass block cross was installed and accentuated laser cut graphics and vinyl letters featuring poppies and quotations and an easily-expanded donor recognition solution with printed donor plates was installed.

Project Details: 

Location: Parkwood Hospital London, Ontario

Scope of Project: 
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Laser Cut Graphics
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Digitally Printed Donor Plates
  • Decorative Hardware