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Tim Hortons INPS Case Study

Tim Hortons Recycle Bins

From Concept to Design... Creating Practical Solutions

Tim Hortons Recycling BinTim Hortons Bank of Bins with Stickers
Project Overview: 

Issue with mixing of the trash which eliminates the ability to institute a recycling program (confusion re: images over the refuge slots).


To create a simpler graphic orientation to the trash streams, explaining where recycling items are deposited vs other non-recyclables.

To develop a stand alone recycling container / bin to distinguish and separate the recyclables from other waste within the facilities.


Our graphic designers transformed the current markings and graphic layout to draw attention to the proper refuge slots. This was done by adding colour graphics and images to draw attention to the new recycling campaign.

Our engineers designed and manufactured the container / bin which has been placed with a much higher percentage of recyclables.

Project Details: 

Project Managed, Engineered, Fabricated and Installed

Location: Tim Hortons, Kitchener, Ontario

Scope of Project: 

Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation
Street Furniture Markings
 Printed Vinyl