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Decorative, Vibrant and Fun Graphics

Decorative Graphics & wall Murals For The YMCA Greater Toronto Area

Decorative, Vibrant and Fun Graphics.

graphic installations

Project Overview: 

A lively, active facility, the YMCA in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) required graphic installations to enhance and define their location without any permanent installations or renovations to the existing structure.


The YMCA was not permitted to paint any common areas, such as the walls or floors in the elevator lobby. An alternate solution was required to define the space, establish private areas and communicate to visitors the YMCA’s mandate of activity and inclusiveness.


By using removable vinyl, our creative team transformed the space with custom floor, wall and ceiling graphics to make a thriving, vibrant environment that aligns with the YMCA’s vision.

A basketball theme was used throughout the lobby and corporate office area culminating in a large wall graphic of youths playing basketball. In the boardroom, a historical timeline of the “Y” was applied to dimensional panels.

Project Details: 

Location: YMCA in the Greater Toronto Area

Scope of Project: