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Milling Machine
Braille embossed rail station signage
Clearcoat floor tracking
Custom plastic favricator
Floor tracking photoluminescent
3M Installer
Rail Car Decal Kits
Rail Car Decals
Rail Car Graphics Installations
Reflective Rail Car Decals
Sign Frames
Transit Car Screens
Transit Car Wayfinding
Transit Car Windows
Vinyl graphics premasking
Identification plates for trains
Rail Graphics
Rail ID Plates
Serial Number plates

Custom Products for Rail

Rail car markings, AEI Tags, Conspicuity Tape, logos and slogans, brake plates and decals kits are a few of the freight products manufactured at INPS.  Locomotive products include windows, sound dampening, interior and exterior graphics, mobile installation, orange A/C, Banana APU, HPPL Products.  Transit products include ceilings, floors, doors, lighting, partitions, seats, stairs, walls, windows, washroom modules, metal fabrication as well as interior and exterior graphics.