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Creative Print Production and Installation by INPS Graphics

Creative and Print Production

We are known for our print and installation services and our crews travel across Canada.  But to get there, our creative and production department works closely with the client to produce each piece, not only to exacting corporate standards, but to architectural specifications as well.


If you need an Out-of-Home savvy designer or creative consultant to adapt your existing creative, conceptualize new ideas, produce drawings, and / or prototype any elements of your program and its related collateral, we’re here for that – with solid experience and proven innovations.

Production Services

Or, you have the creative talent and amazing ideas but need a little help taking your ideas to reality.  That’s where we can help, with dedicated print production specialists who will coordinate with your creative department to handle everything from Transit to Corporate Offices.

While we provide custom production and installation solutions for most projects, you can retain our services for your print production needs regardless of who will do the printing & installing or in what market your program is appearing.

Out of box solutions for Out of Home challenges.