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Floor & Sidewalk Graphics for Covid-19

Floor & Sidewalk Graphics

Floor markers are more important than ever to assist your customers with physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3M Floor graphic films have the durability to withstand thousands of footsteps with eye catching quality. 3M products meet UL 410 Certification for Slip Resistance while providing superior performance.

Take advantage of an often-forgotten graphics opportunity that is, literally, right at your feet. With so many people now staring down at their phones, floors and sidewalks have become a prominent focal point. 3M floor graphic films have the durability to withstand thousands of footsteps and the quality to catch thousands of eyes. Move people and sales in the right direction, with promotional and wayfinding graphics both inside and out.

Whether you need a printed graphic on a floor inside a retail space or a sidewalk outside in the elements, INPS has a wrap for that. For both short-term safety needs and long-term branding solutions, our innovative and dependable vinyl and non-vinyl wraps make application and removal easy and efficient.

Floor graphics are a great way to direct traffic inside the store… right up to the sales counter, where a strategically placed graphic can help seal the deal with a shopper. Beyond wayfinding and promotional opportunities, floor wraps have the ability to transform an interior space into a completely new environment.

Our films can tackle exterior surfaces, too… right down to the ground level. Our durable graphic films can hold up to footsteps, bicycle tires, rain, snow and sun. If you didn’t think an exterior ground surface was wrappable, think again!

Don’t forget the over laminate

Over laminates have the power to deliver better results to both you and your customers. From providing a smooth application to protecting wraps from the elements to adding a textured aesthetic, using the right over laminate for building wraps and wall wraps can make a big difference. When you’ve achieved perfection, make sure it lasts.