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INPS Wayfinding Consulting

Facility Signage, Design and Wayfinding Consultations

A safe and enjoyable experience - from the roadway to the waiting room

INPS offers comprehensive wayfinding solutions for your public facility. A user-friendly building directory transforms a confusing and lengthy customer experience into a straightforward and efficient one. INPS covers every step of the implementation process, including assessment, design, manufacturing and installation. We offer both permanent and modifiable systems that may last the lifetime of your building. Services also include retrofitting of existing systems according to your specific needs.

Consultation Services include:

  • Partnership: we will immerse ourselves in the daily routines of your organization as we partner in your project.
  • Communication: We will correspond on a regular basis to ensure a clear, concise understanding of the signage and install requirements.
  • Signage Assessment: Together we will review current signage materials to ensure the best quality design and product to meet your organization criteria.
  • Traffic Analysis: We will assure the visitors will have no issues navigating throughout the facility.
  • Solution Provider: We can be your sign expert as we adapt a sign system to a customizable solution.
  • Budgeting: We can address your wayfinding project problems, issues and concerns, based on your budget.
  • Compliance: We will educate you on wayfinding strategies including AODA best practices, municipal and regulatory sign requirements.

INPS offers the following wayfinding systems:

  • Slats
  • Stax
  • Vista
  • Mirtec
  • Nexus
  • Engraved
  • Photopolymer
  • Specialty upon request

We consider the following aspects when choosing the right solution:

  • Braille
  • Colour-coding
  • Colour contrast
  • Positioning
  • Unobtrusiveness
  • Simple, concise messaging
  • Permanent or modifiable (insert-type for frequently modified facilities)
  • Experience from the visiting customer’s point of view