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Fleet OEM

Fleet OEM

Keep your organization in the eye of your audience. Vehicle and fleet graphics are a valuable investment, giving you 24-hour visibility and reach. Make sure they’re done right.

INPS has extensive experience in designing, engineering, styling and applying fleet graphics. We use four-colour process or custom-colour printing on reflective vinyl to ensure your fleet delivers your message effectively and attractively. A range of options, including ultra-violet cured inks, can help protect your fleet graphics from fading, peeling, lifting or cracking.

You can select individual decals for your fleet, purchase a graphic kit for each vehicle, or have INPS create and apply full-vehicle graphic wraps. No matter which option you choose, your fleet graphics will be optimized, and adhere to your organization’s colours and standards.
INPS offers a suite of complementary services for your fleet graphics:

• Graphic design
• Fleet numbering systems
• Paint stencils
• Safety markers
• Complete graphic kits
• Pre-masking for installation and painting
• Installation training and instruction

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