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Police Vehicle Graphics
Police Graphics

Police Vehicle Graphics

Make sure that your police force is visible and recognizable at all times. Create awareness and a strong visual identity with custom-designed police vehicle graphics and decals that exceed NFPA 1901 standards.

Using the latest technology in 3M car wraps, we produce police vehicle graphics and emergency vehicle decals with outstanding daytime and nighttime brightness. 3M Graphic Films and 3M Scotchlite reflective films create highly visible graphics that help to keep your force safe and in sight around the clock.

With durable, high-quality 3M Films, your police vehicle graphics will look like new for years. They’ll also be guaranteed for years: as a 3M Platinum Partner, we offer a 7-year 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, which is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

About Us

INPS brings 50 years’ experience as a trusted, reliable supplier to police and emergency vehicle departments across North America. As a 3M Select Platinum Graphics manufacturer and installer, we design, produce and install your police vehicle decals, or you can have a 3M Professional Preferred Installers do the installation.

About Us

Outstanding Graphics, Installation & Warranties

Design: INPS’ graphic team works from supplied digital files, samples or drawings, to rapidly produce new artwork or modify existing files to create fleet or vehicle concept

Engineering: INPS’ engineering department ensures the best material and process support to provide the best solution for our customer’s needs.

Production: Using only inks that meet the exacting standards of 3M’s MCS warranty program, we will provide proofs that are durable for field testing.

Installation: Your graphics will be installed by a 3M Preferred Installer with the highest level of attention and expertise.

Once installed to our exacting standards, your new graphics are covered by the most comprehensive warranty in the business – 3M™ Matched Component System (MCS™) Warranty.

Graphics, Installation, Warranties

Police Graphics

New Vehicle Decal Program

Whatever quantity or model of your new vehicle purchase, rest assure INPS has you covered. Whether INPS supplies the decals to your installation crew or your decal Procurement includes installation you can rely on INPS for quality and on-time delivery.

Be Seen. Be Safe. 3M materials keep vehicles visible on the darkest roads.
Be Seen At Night Be seen at night

Maintenance Vehicle Decal Program

Vehicle crashes are unpredictable in when they occur but what is predictable is that INPS has set up and worked with your agency to best support your maintenance facility with spare parts.

  • Customer service
  • Quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Work with your team for planning
Daytime Visibility Daytime visibility

3M Reflective Material

Make sure that your police force is visible and recognizable at all times. Create awareness and a strong visual identity with custom-designed police vehicle graphics and decals that exceed NFPA 1901 standards.

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 680:

  • Available in numerous colors, including black (which reflects white)
  • Excellent angularity
  • Pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking
  • Permanent
  • For vertical, flat, curved or corrugated surfaces, with or without rivets
  • Up to 9 year durability
Daytime Visibility Nighttime visibility

Upfitters & Outfitters

At INPS Graphics, we are involved with almost every step of the production processes. We create the initial concept, we design it, produce it, print it, warehouse it, build it, install it and guarantee it. Our highly skilled, experienced team, provide our customers with custom out of the box solutions.

As an industry recognized 3M preferred installer we can ensure successful graphic applications. INPS is an onsite ambassador in client relations with top quality craftsmanship and detailed communication.

We design, print and install fleet decals printed on durable, high quality 3M Films.

We manufacture full fleet graphics kits for emergency services vehicles, trucks and cars. To ensure the installation of your fleet graphics is as peerless as our product, we provide on-site, 3M-preferred graphics installation service and training.

INPS has printing capabilities: UV Digital Printing, Latex Digital Printing, Screen Printing up to 5’ x 12’ and up to 6 colours. INPS offers kits and sub kits with just in time delivery.

Your fleet graphics will be backed by the 5-7 year 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, which is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Our comprehensive Fleet Graphics program includes:

  • Site Visit
  • Design
  • Color Selection
  • Specification
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Program follow up
Before Installation Before installation Police Decals

After Installation After installation

Specialty Vehicles

Permanent, moderate or easily removable films are available for each unique situation. Regardless of your branding or campaign goals, starting with a good film foundation is critical.

When it comes time to remove or change the film, high-quality films come off easily and make removal pain-free after the installation.

In addition to the installation benefits of premium graphic films, branding opportunities for your fleet are virtually limitless.

Partial or full vehicle wraps available. Consider your vehicle a moving billboard.

Graphic films offer maximum versatility covering the gamut of vehicles from:
  • Vans
  • Semi-trailers
  • Utility vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Watercrafts
  • Motorcycles
  • Paddy Wagons
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Prison Transport Vehicles
  • Special Service Vehicles
INPS works with all types of emergency vehicles.
Police Motorcycle Police Motorcycle Regional Police Watercraft Regional Police Watercraft Police Mounted Unit Horse Trailer Police Mounted Unit Horse Trailer

Install Training

Do you have an existing install crew?

Are you looking for install training for your team to apply graphics on your fleets? Let INPS install one or two vehicles and then we can train your staff to apply the rest.

Education includes:

  1. Material education specific for 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 680
  2. Installation Tools
  3. Preparing the Surface – soap and water / alcohol
  4. Installing
    • Large, Pre-spaced Graphics
    • Striping
    • Shields
    • Reflective Tape

Installation tools:

  • Scotch™ Masking Tape, 1 inch (25.4 mm) or wider
  • Tape Measure
  • 3M™ Plastic Applicator PA-1 (Blue or Gold*)
  • 3M™ Low Friction Sleeve SA-1*
  • Single Pin
  • Silicone
  • Cutting tools, such as a razor blade with a safety holder
  • Industrial heat gun; must be capable of attaining 500 to 750F (260 to 399C), or equivalent
  • 1/4 inch (0.6 mm) paint brush for applying edge sealer
  • 3M Primer 94
  • Knifeless Tape

If your crew of installers feel they need more training, they can become 3M certified. The 3M certification includes graphics applied to trailers, vans and cars

Choose an industry recognized 3M Preferred Installer to ensure successful graphic application.

Striping Striping
Heat Gun Application Heat Gun Application
Complete Installation Complete Installation