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OEM Components

OEM Components Parts

International Name Plate Supplies Limited offers top of the line materials, quality workmanship, and good service, at a fair price.


Since 1966, we at International Name Plate Supplies Limited have prided ourselves on our ability to adapt to the changing requirements for our customers. We attribute our success to the manufacture of the quality product, a high level of customer service, and knowledgeable and experienced work force .Our wide range of products, superior warrantee program and the willingness to work with our customers, has enabled us to develop a large OEM customer base.

Our specialty includes:

Our quality goes in before your name goes on.

You name it we can do it!

Material and processes overview

International Name Plate Supplies Limited has been built on the diversity of its production processes and our Knowledge of materials and substrates. Our in-house capability allows for one- stop shopping for all your graphic components needs. We work closely with our suppliers to research and develop the material best suited for your individual application.

Polycarbonate, vinyl, reflective vinyl, polyester, Stainless steel and Anodized Aluminum are but a few of the base materials we employ in the manufacturing process. Specialty items include antiskid vinyl, ultra-violet light and graffiti resistant vinyl and labels and a whole host of custom and property products.

Available processes include, screen printing, painting, hot stamping, anodizing, embossing, engraving, die-cutting, vacuum forming, injection molding, etching, laminated and sub- component assembly.