Custom Dunnage Examples - INPS

Custom Dunnage for Automotive and Industrial Applications

INPS manufactures custom dunnage parts for original equipment manufacturers, using additive and subtractive manufacturing and thermoforming.  Our parts can be assembled into custom racks designed to optimize your transportation and minimize your loss by carrying and protecting your products in a cost-efficient container.  

Our equipment includes: waterjet cutters, CNC routers, large thermoformers and thermoset machines that work towards creating end products for the OEM sector.  International Name Plate Supplies manufactures industrial dunnage parts from the following materials:

  • HDPE
  • PTFE
  • UHMW
  • ABS

Products INPS manufactures includes:

  • Industrial racking components
  • Plastic wear strips
  • Custom packaging components
  • Large scale formed dunnage parts
  • Industrial Storage custom parts

“Whatever your requirements we have the solution.”

Custom Dunnage Part - INPSCustom Dunnage Part - INPS