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3M Anti-Graffiti Solutions

3M™ Anti-Graffiti Solutions:

  • Can help prevent surfaces from being tagged 
  • Can help make it easier to remove most types of graffiti 
  • Offers a side of products to meet the needs of various applications 
  • Offers different levels of graffiti resistant overlaminates 
  • Can be used in various types of applications, ranging from signage to street furniture, to glass etc. 

Tools of the graffiti trade 

  • Bingo Dabbers 
  • Spray Paint 
  • Keys and Knives 

How do 3M Anti-Graffiti Solutions work?

Products within the 3M Anti-Graffiti portfolio fall within two categories: 

Superficial Layer 

  • AG4, AG6, 8991R 
  • Protects from various types of graffiti incl. chemical etching, scratching etc. 
  • No base film required 
  • Applied directly on various substrates such as glass, meal, bus shelter, etc. 
  • To remove graffiti, simply remove film and replace with a new one


  • 3658, 3660, 8528, 8991, 8993, 8995 applied to printed IJ180 
  • The printed IJ180 film provides the first line of defense against graffiti as it  removes the “blank canvas” 
  • If graffiti (paint, markers, etc) still occurs, them overlam helps removing the damage 

Design guidelines for minimizing graffiti occurrences: 

  • Minimal blank space 
  • Minimal use of light colours in design and background 

Four types of over laminates

From most flexible to most graffiti resistant:

  • 3658, 3660 (Vinyl)
  • 8528 (Vinyl + C1 protective coating) 
  • 3640, 3642 (PVDF - Polyvinylidene fluoride) best balance (flexibility & graffiti  
  • resistance) 
  • 8991, 8991R, 8993, 8995, AG4, AG6 (Polyester)

Anti-Graffiti Tips and Tricks 

  • If removal doesn’t work with citrus cleaner, try IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) 
  • Xylene can be used next on any material but not on 3685, 3660 and 8528 

How to Remove Graffiti 

  1. Apply a generous quantity of citrus cleaner 
  2. Place a plastic sheet or garbage bag on top of the applied citrus cleaner – this will prevent it from evaporating 
  3. Wait 30-60 sec 
  4. Remove graffiti 

Anti-graffiti Applications

  • Traffic Boxes, Traffic Control Boxes, Traffic Signal Boxes
  • Canada Post Letter Boxes – with the addition of a graphic wrap graffiti and tagging activity decreased form 80% to 10% (Ottawa) 50% to 20% (Montreal), 20% to 10% (Vancouver) and 40% to 10% on average. 
  • New Canada Post boxes have an anti-graffiti vinyl – 180CV3 with 3640GPS. 
  • Go Train Ticket Dispensers 
  • Hydro Boxes 
  • Newspaper and Yellow Pages distribution boxes 

“Prevent Graffiti with Anti-Graffiti vinyls and wraps”