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3M™ Sun Control Solutions

3M Sun Control Solutions

Energy saving window film for effective sun control and greater comfort

Nothing hinders tenant retention like a building that is uncomfortably hot, cold, or bright. 3M Sun Control Window Films are great way to keep your tenants comfortable and happy so that they continue to lease from you.

Occupant Comfort – Heat and Glare                                         

Window film for managing temperature and glare for comfort and energy savings

Office space leasing can be highly competitive, and it is usually easier to retain existing tenants than attract new ones. Tenant comfort related to temperature can be a major factor in extending leases, and when this issue is effectively addressed, your tenants will be more likely to renew.

Window films that help control building temperature

One of the key variables in tenant retention is related to the windows. They bring in natural light and connect people with the outdoors, and the pricing of office space is often linked to the quality of the view. Unfortunately, if the windows face south, west or east, excessive solar heat and glare can make offices uncomfortable and employees lethargic. In fact, studies have shown that productivity can decrease as much as 40% when temperatures exceed 24 degrees Celsius in an office environment.

Minimizing glare for your tenants

Few things are as frustrating as working on a computer screen in a sunlit room. Reducing annoying glare will improve the visibility of computer screens and monitors and minimize eye strain. 3M Sun Control Window Film helps you do your work, be more productive and enjoy your office without the annoyance of excessive light. Often the solution has been to cover the windows with drapes or blinds, but this obstructs both the light and the view. 3M Window Films allow you to enjoy your views without having to use blinds or sun shades to block excessive glare.

Window films let you and your tenants see the bright side of natural light

3M Sun Control Films have been specifically designed to make office space more 'tenant friendly' by:

  • Reducing excessive solar heat in the summer by up to 79%
  • Reducing heat loss in the winter by up to 30%
  • Reducing solar glare by up to 78%

3M Sun Control Window Films help maintain a consistent temperature by reducing hot and cold spots in a building so tenants are able to enjoy their views without the associated heat and glare from the sun.

Energy Costs

Create substantial energy savings with 3M window films

Energy used for heating and air-conditioning is a major expense for any building, especially in Canada’s extreme weather possibilities. While there have been swings in energy prices over the past few years, there is no doubt that these costs will continue to rise, affecting your company's bottom line. While some people may think that solar heat is beneficial, very few buildings are designed to use this heat and therefore the solution is to remove the excess.

3M sun control window films can reduce heating and air-conditioning costs by:

  • Rejecting up to 77% of the total solar energy
  • Reducing air-conditioning loads by up to one ton for every 100 square feet of glass
  • Retain up to 30% of radiant heat that would have been lost through the glass in the colder months
  • Reduce peak power demand in the hottest periods in the day
  • Energy Payback
  • Energy payback periods on a typical project will vary depending on the amount of sunlit glass exposure, the type of window film used, the type of glass it is applied to, the cost of fuel, and other variables. By installing 3M Window Film, you can expect paybacks in the range of 3 to 5 years.
  • In the case of chiller upgrades or replacement due to CFC conversion or under capacity, the payback period can be much shorter. Window film reduces the need for air-conditioning by moderating extreme peaks in usage and decreasing demand on cooling and utility needs, and so should be explored before considering a new chiller or replacing windows. 3M Window film is a simple and cost-effective retrofit to boost overall energy efficiency.

Industry Recognition

Installation of 3M Sun Control Film supports the objectives of the Canadian BOMA Go Green Program as it applies to existing buildings in both commercial and government sectors. Many 3M window films are also recognized under the Energy Star Partner Program.

Building Appearance

Let the world see the beauty of your building with 3M sun control window film

Even the most prestigious buildings can have a patchwork appearance as a result of blinds, half-drawn drapes, non-uniform furniture placement, and uneven lighting when they don’t have reflective glazed windows to manage temperature and light. This concern can be addressed with the application of 3M Sun Control Window Film.

The Benefits of Sun Control Window Film

The attractive uniform aesthetic appearance of a building with 3M Sun Control Film is a dramatic change from a building without window film. Our window films let natural light come in and provide optimal clarity and low reflectivity. A complete selection of  films are available in a variety of shades, finishes, and hues that match and enhance existing glass, while complementing the aesthetics of the original architectural design.

Building appearance is of ever increasing importance to attract and retain tenants. In an increasingly competitive leasing market, 3M Window Films are an excellent and cost effective way to protect windows and enhance the overall appearance of your building.

Interior Air Quality

Window films that protect people from the sun’s harmful rays

In addition to improving productivity and occupant comfort by providing a more uniform temperature, 3M Sun Control Window Films offer additional health benefits. By blocking 99% of UV radiation and up to 79% of the direct solar heat and glare, 3M Window Films provide a sanctuary for those who are allergic to or have skin sensitivities to the sun's rays.

Recognition from the Skin Cancer Foundation

Standard commercial glass without window film offers little or no protection from the UVA rays that are considered to be responsible for malignant melanomas and skin cancer. 3M Window Film creates a healthier and more comfortable environment for employees, customers and tenants. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends many 3M Window Film Products for effective UV protection.

Fading of Furnishings & Flooring

Window film for sun control protects your valuable assets from fading and sun damage

You have made a sizable investment in your buildings contents, and it is important to protect that investment from the sun’s rays. Carpeting, paneling, desks, wood, drapes, and valuable upholstered furniture can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.

causes of fading of floors and furniture

Causes of Fading

3M Window Films address the three major contributors to fading:

  • Ultraviolet Rays 40%
  • Visible Sunlight 25%
  • Solar Heat 25%
  • Misc. 10%

3M Window Films for sun control are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and the sun's destructive rays on your furnishings and interior finishes. They also block and filter up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the single largest cause of fading. While no window film can stop fading completely, 3M Window Films dramatically slow down the process of fading, protecting your investment and keeping your building's interior looking beautiful.

Year-Round Energy Savings through Window Film

The more windows your building contains, the greater benefit you will derive by installing 3M Sun Control Window Film. Window film helps by rejecting up to 79% of solar heat coming through windows, keeping offices and occupants comfortable. You will also notice a significant reduction in cooling costs as your air-conditioning system is able to work more efficiently and inexpensively.

During colder months, 3M All Weather Low Emissivity (Low-e) Window Films have special properties that actually reflect the heat being generated inside buildings, back into the building, again translating into significant energy cost savings.

Window film solutions for optimal occupant comfort

In addition, 3M window films create a more comfortable work environment by reducing annoying glare, and they are especially effective at improving visibility of computer monitors and reducing eyestrain.

UV window coverings to protect your interiors

Today, protection from ultraviolet light and the sun's harmful rays is more important than ever.

3M Sun Control Window Film blocks over 99% of UV light coming through your windows, controlling irreparable sun damage to interior furnishings, flooring, and valuable assets.