Interior Transit Graphics

Interior Graphics

Impress your ridership, from the inside out

We offer a large range of interior graphic components that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes within the rail car. Our stock and custom product offering includes:  

•    Regulatory signage   
•    Glow in the dark (HPPL) decals and safety kits  
•    Braille signs
•    Interior panel wraps (can match any wall colour or pattern)   
•    Control panels  
•    Anti-graffiti coatings
•    Emergency egress kits  
•    Decals  
•    Skins (all materials) 

Our graphics may be used in new-build or renovated railcars. We can match any existing colour or texture in order to discreetly overhaul the ridership experience. All of our wall products, signage and FireFlyTM decals comply with APTA and FRA regulations.

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