Versatility that separates us from the rest

We manufacture and supply the following partition-related transit products:  
Wind screens
Courtesy panels 
Partition glass 
Partition panels (in all substrates)
Partition trims
Our partition components are useful for providing privacy and visual separation between the various sections of a transit car. The panels are available in a very large variety of substrates, and may be colour-matched to existing interiors and to the client’s desired colour palette. We custom-build our partitions to your transit car’s exact dimensions and shape. 

…We have been in the manufacturing business since 1966. Our expertise not only spans several different industries, but also multiple decades… We engineer, design and manufacture all kinds of products – our abilities are truly unlimited… Not only do we create graphics, but we design and manufacture the pieces to which they are applied accordingly…We redesign components with the goal of reducing costs and extending their functional lifespan… We offer the best comprehensive solutions. Our services go way beyond the manufacturing process…