We are everything your ridership sees.

Founded as a manufacturer of locomotive graphics in 1966, INPS Transit is a result of decades of process diversification and improvement. Our team of 480 professionals located in Canada, the United States and Mexico is knowledgeable not only about our products, but also about the vehicles on which they are installed.

We pride ourselves on being a true manufacturer with a firm grasp on the transit industry and its regulations. Through the acquisition of specialized partner companies, we provide you with a full-scale solution - with services encompassin design, retrofit and installation. Welcome us into your team, and let us make a lasting impression on your ridership.


…We have been in the manufacturing business since 1966. Our expertise not only spans several different industries, but also multiple decades… We engineer, design and manufacture all kinds of products – our abilities are truly unlimited… Not only do we create graphics, but we design and manufacture the pieces to which they are applied accordingly…We redesign components with the goal of reducing costs and extending their functional lifespan… We offer the best comprehensive solutions. Our services go way beyond the manufacturing process…