Put us in the driver's seat

We manufacture and supply the following seat-related transit products:  
Seat shrouds
Seat covers
Seat backs
Between-seat fillers
Seat trim 
Our seating components are fully customizable in terms of dimensions, texture and colour. Choose from an unlimited number of looks to match the interior of existing transit cars or to complete new-build projects. We provide everything from low-volume replacement components to full-scale bulk orders. All components meet FST requirements.



…We have been in the manufacturing business since 1966. Our expertise not only spans several different industries, but also multiple decades… We engineer, design and manufacture all kinds of products – our abilities are truly unlimited… Not only do we create graphics, but we design and manufacture the pieces to which they are applied accordingly…We redesign components with the goal of reducing costs and extending their functional lifespan… We offer the best comprehensive solutions. Our services go way beyond the manufacturing process…