Rail Decal Kits

Decal kits that integrate with your production.

Railcar Decal Kits

In keeping with our business model, we have every ability to adapt the decal kitting process to your needs. INPS provides its comprehensive and customized decal sets to both OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and remarking clients. 

Our decal kits may be customized to include any item from our product line, including graphics, railcar identification decals, logos, warning labels and paint stencils for trucks, which give your railcar a clean look. What differentiates our decal kits from the rest is their ease of use - each is individually packaged and numbered for a specific railcar.

By choosing our in-house sorting option, you save time and labour by directly providing your workers with the correct items, even within the tightest deadlines. Our kits may be shipped in bulk, packaged according to the railcar number, delivered from a nearby location, or manufactured on-site. We are not afraid to alter our processes and mobilize our crew in order to meet your specific decal kitting needs.