Sound Damping Panels

Drown out the noise

Our Quiet Ride sound damping system reduces noise and vibration inside the cabin environment, making work more pleasant for your employees. This multi-layered panel system can be easily installed inside the locomotive by your staff or our team of professionals. Quiet Ride cleans up the look of the cabin interior and is custom-made to fit all locomotive models.

Benefits of the Quiet Ride system:

  • Reduces noise inside the locomotive in both high and low frequency sound
  • Can be installed without removing any existing accessories
  • Esthetically pleasing lines and finishes
  • Custom-designed to fit new-build or older locomotives
  • Scratch and dent resistant exterior
  • Designed for ease of installation

Our sound damping products are compliant with all current industry standards.

Low frequency sound - 4 hertz to 250 hertz is minimized by constrained layer damping material
High frequency sound - 250 hertz to 22 Kilo-hertz is minimized by open cell foam
Fire retardant, scratch and dent resistant exterior provides clean new looking finish


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