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Our company has a diverse group of over 3000 unique clients who have chosen us for our exceptional ability to transform vision into fruition. Our over 55 years of success is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. International Name Plate Supplies Limited continues to embrace a ‘business partnership’ philosophy with our clients – where ideas come to life.

Industries we service

INPS provides graphic solutions for interior/exterior facilities, Transit, Rail, Traffic, Fleet and OEM.

INPS Graphic Solutions
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INPS is a versatile and diverse manufacturer and provider of programs for numerous industries. INPS can provide full-scale component acquisitions and design services from idea to manufacturing to installation; we do it all. Our success comes from adaptability and seamlessly integrating into your company’s culture.


INPS prides itself on inclusivity. Our priority is to create an environment where our employees, visitors and clients feel equally respected and accepted. Our employees are encouraged to participate fully and responsibly, express their creative abilities toward each other and achieve the company’s goals.

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INPS Sustainability


INPS is committed to reducing emissions and environmental impact. During our business’s planning, design, and manufacturing processes, we utilize the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling where possible. Our focus is on reducing energy use, water consumption and waste by setting out goals that are continually monitored, analyzed and improved upon where feasible.


With over 500 employees working for INPS, we feel it’s equally important to invest in the local communities around our business to ensure a thriving and harmonious working relationship and environment for our employees. Our passions lie within various community programs and groups, including Rotary International, United Way and the LGBT2Q community.

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