CNC Machining

CNC Routering – Dunnage, Building Lettering, Flooring, Jigs, Furniture Parts, Plastic Sign Blanks, Custom Parts
CNC Knife Cutting – Unprinted Vinyl Films, Printed Vinyl Films, Thin Gauge Plastics (ABS, Polycarbonate or Polyethylene), Thin Aluminum Sheets, Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic
Milling – Metal Parts
Water-Jet Cutting – Building Panels, Sign Blanks, Aluminum Lettering, Glass, Mirrors, 2D Metal Parts, 2D Fiberglass Parts
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Etching – Serial Numbers, UID Labels, Corporate Identification
Laser Engraving – Name Badges, Desk Stands, House Numbers, Room Numbers, Directionals, ID Tags, Name Plates, Control Panels, Metal Parts, Aluminum Plates, UID Labels
Photopolymer – Tactile Signage, Braille, Wayfinding Signs, Room Identification, Door Numbers, Directory Boards, AODA and ADA Compliant Signage
Rotary Engraving – Name Badges, Desk Stands, House Numbers, Room Numbers, Directionals, ID Tags, Name Plates, Control Panels
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Anodizing – Serial Numbers, UID Labels, Bar Coding, Corporate Identification
Digital Printing – Multi-Colored Custom Signs, Window Graphics, Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics, Decals, Real Estate Signs, Fleet Graphics
Screen Printing – Street Signs, Decals, Custom Designed Products, Regulatory Signage, Large Volume Wraps
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Painting – Letters and Logos, Metal Parts, Plastic Parts, Supplied Parts, Automotive Parts, Dash Panels, Sign Faces
Powder Coating – Assemblies, Metal Parts, Name Plates
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Graphics – Fleet Graphics, Building Graphics, Window Graphics, Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics, Privacy Films, Di-noc
Mechanical – Carpet, Sub Flooring, Door Systems, Electrical, Windows, Stairs, LLEPM, Anti Slip Surfaces
Signage – Letters and Logos, Building Identification, Acrylic Sign Faces, Banners, Interior and Exterior Wayfinding Signage, Regulatory and Lawn Signs.
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Metal Fabrication – Door Skins, Skirt Covers, Cut out Panels, Air Grill Covers, Interior Exterior Panels
Plastic Fabrication – Brushes, Brochure Holders, Signs, Display Cases
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Modular Integration

Modular Integration – Intricate Engineering of Assembled Parts - Ceiling panels, Wall Panels, Windscreens
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Value Added

Assembly – Snap Frames, Signs Systems, Floor Tracking
Kitting – Corporate Signage, Rail Car Graphics, Fleet Graphics
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Die Cutting – Logos, Decals, Labels Face Plates, Control Panels, Plastics, Polycarbonate Products
Digital Die Cutting – Printed Vinyl Films, Unprinted Vinyl Films, Logos, Decals, Vinyl Legends, Polycarbonate Signage, Polyethylene Signage, Thin Aluminum Sheets, Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic, ABS, Fiberglass, Gauge Plastics
Embossing – Braille Signage, Domed Name Plates
Laminating/Masking – Anti-Graffiti, Decals, Masking, Panels, Pre-Spacing, Scratch Resistance
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Extrusions – Floor Tracking, Custom Sign Applications
Fiberglass – Toilet seats, Interior rail-car components, wall panels, window freezes, ceiling panels
Injection Molding – Automotive Parts, Railroad Parts, Locomotive Parts, OEM Parts
Resin Casting – Sound dampening panels and interior headliner panels
Thermoforming – Design to finish, Trays, Wall Panels, Door panels, Ceiling panels, Window panels, Document holders, Raised letters, Sign blanks, House Plates, OEM Components, Custom Plastic Parts, Housings
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Technical Engineering

Technical Engineering – Prototyping, 3D Scanning, Rapid Reverse Engineering, 3D Software for Drawings, Material Testing, Process Support, Fiberglas Panels, Thermoform Panels, Metal Construction, Custom Signs, LED, Glow-in-the-dark Products, Foam Panels, Sound Dampening
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