Anodized Aluminum Name Plates and Serial Plate

Anodized Aluminum Name Plates

Anodized Aluminum Serial Plates

Anodized aluminum offer a durable finish whereby the text detail is sealed within the grain of the aluminium. The aluminium is electrically charged within a sulphuric acid solution which forces the surface to oxidise in a controlled manner and opens the pores. Ink is then either silkscreen printed or digitally printed into the pores and the aluminium is then sealed to provide a hard wearing finish. The digital printing option makes the process suitable for low volume requirements as well as long run production requirements.

Anodized aluminum is a great choice when your application requires corrosion resistance and greater durability than the plastic option.


  1.  Key punched with a 1/4" dye and finished with cut corners after anodizing.
  2.  Dye punched and a single 5/8" diameter hole drilled after double anodizing and a black ink screening process.
  3. Anodized sequential and non-sequential bar coding. Dye punched and two 5/16" diameter holes drilled.
  4. Screen process. Exact colour matches to Federal Standard. Dye punched plate is center drilled with a 1/16" hole.
  5. Anodized with a circular dye punch cut to key fittings with screened text.
  6. Drilled with a 1/4" hole to high tolerance for fittings with multiple fields for data entry in fine engraved text.

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