LED Illuminated Faceplates and Overlays

LED Illuminated Faceplates

LED Illuminated Overlays

Layers of high impact acrylic, laser or routed to shape with a embedded LED lighting. Assembled, painted and polycarbonate overlay applied.


Illuminate with a dimmer switch, for night time readability.

•INPS manufactures LED Control panels for the Engineering Cabs in Locomotives

•Indoor environmental LED Control Panels


Examples of Applications and Types of Faceplates and Overlays:

• Backlit Displays on Control Panels

• Instructional Overlays and Diagrams

• Transparent Window Overlays

• Trains and Buses

• Electronic Devices

• Healthcare Equipment


Types of Nameplates, Faceplates and Overlays:


•Membrane Switch Overlay

•Backlit Overlays


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