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Polyester Name Plates

Polyester labels

Polyester is a very durable label material, particularly because of its many qualities, like being tear-resistant, water-resistant, and even shrink resistant. This is also a material that can survive exposure to a number of substances, such as oil, solvent, and a lot of other chemicals. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments, and these include indoor and outdoor ones.

Fancy polyester labels are created by using a metallized Polyester substrate and surface printing the text detail protected by a UV lacquer or over laminate providing a cost effective metallic finish to the label. These can be supplied on a roll, in sheets or as individual specialist labels suitable for logo badges as well as product identity and rating labels.

Labels made using this material are often found being used in many different industries, particularly those that are exposed to the abovementioned conditions. These include the agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industries. Some of the uses of polyester labels include parking permits, warning and instructional labels, asset identification, and branding labels.

Material: 3M 7980, 3M 7930

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