Polycarbonate Faceplates and Overlays

Polycarbonate Faceplates

Polycarbonate Overlays

A clean, finished look that communicates vital information
to the equipment operator
A durable control panel surface that can withstand
repeated button presses
Branding, warning, caution and safety information
A simple, one-piece installation process

Overlays, Nameplates and Faceplates are most often made from polycarbonate (lexan). Lexan is a premium grade of polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate is durable and versatile. Printed on reverse it is scratch and wear resistant. Adhesive is applied to the back to ensure a lifetime application. Polycarbonate also offers excellent resistance to stains, moisture, heat, UV Rays, abrasion, and corrosive chemicals.

Polycarbonate control panels are manufactured by printing subsurface (printed on back side with reverse image). The polycarbonate is then laminated with one of our 3M adhesives on the back to allow it to adhere to almost any surface for years of trouble free service. The result is an extremely durable and attractive control panel where the printing is protected. The surface “hides” minor surface scuffs which helps to keep the “new look” over a longer period of time thereby maintaining a professional finished appearance.

Polycarbonate control panels are used to identify switches and controls on equipment. Typically, polycarbonate control panels cover membrane switches, have holes for switches and screws, clear areas for indicator lights or displays and can be cut to almost any shape to suit your needs. It can also be screen printed to match corporate colours.

Polycarbonate Faceplates & Overlay features include: 
• Raised Buttons, Letters and Numbers, Braille
• Embossing
• Double-Sided Printing
• Laminates and Coating Options
• Abrasion resistant
• Curved surface applications
• Clear areas for displays or indicator lights

Examples of Applications & Types of Faceplates and Overlays: 
• Backlit Displays on Control Panels
• Instructional Overlays and Diagrams
• Overlays with Raised Buttons
• Transparent Window Overlays
• Transportation Industry
• Industrial Equipment
• Power Tools
• Household Appliances
• Electronic Devices
• Healthcare Equipment
• Strength Training & Fitness machines
• Lawn and Garden Equipment
• Automotive Applications

Types of Nameplates, Faceplates & Overlays: 
• Decorative
• Instruction
• Membrane Switch Overlay
• Backlit Overlays
• Dead front Overlays
• Instrument Fabrication
• Control Panels
• Gauge
• Warning & Danger
• Product Identification

Low minimum quantities - Fast turnaround 
“The durability that you expect from metal at a fraction of the price”.

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