Understanding Fire Route Signage Ensures Safety

Fire routes play a critical role in ensuring the safety of both property occupants and emergency responders. Adhering to fire route regulations, particularly concerning parking restrictions, signage, and compliance with Ontario Building Code standards, is imperative. Understanding Fire Routes: Properties designate fire routes as lanes or areas that provide essential access for emergency vehicles such …

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Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings

Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings with TSW Multi-Master Remover Quickly Removes Graffiti from all Surfaces graffiti resistant coatings Semi-Gloss Finish Graffiti Resistant CoatingTSW4 Acryli-Master Low Sheen Finish Graffiti Resistant CoatingTSW8 Acryli-Master TSW4 and TSW8 Acryli-Master are clear, water-based acrylic, non-sacrificial graffiti-resistant coatings specifically formulated to provide repeated protection against graffiti vandalism by sealing the surface. …

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Enhance Accessibility with Accessible Parking Permit Signs

INPS Traffic Division specializes in enhancing visibility and safety in diverse settings, such as parking lots, streets, and highways. RB-93 Accessible Parking Permit Signs are crucial for compliance and accommodating individuals with disabilities. Accessible Parking Permit Signs (RB-93) Meeting Accessible Legal Requirements Many jurisdictions have laws and regulations mandating accessible parking spaces in parking lots …

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Railcar Remarking with In-House Expertise

Leading the Industry with Turnkey Railcar remarking Solutions At the heart of INPS’ success lies its unique approach to service delivery. Unlike traditional providers who rely on multiple contractors and third-party suppliers, INPS houses and manufactures all materials required for railcar remarking in-house. From 3M AAR-approved vinyl graphics to Mylar paint stencils and AEI tags, …

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Fleet Decals

As a 3M Select Platinum Graphics manufacturer and installer, we design, produce and install vehicle decals. INPS offers complete exterior decal kits or individually required decals. Design and Manufacture • Logos and Slogans • Anti-graffiti Coatings • Paint Stencils • Digital and Screen Printed • All Sizes and Colours Available Emergency Vehicle Decals Fleet Decals Stencils Our …

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Thermoforming for Transit

INPS thermoforms (vacuum forms) wall panels, window panels and stairwell panels for train interiors. INPS also manufactures high pressure laminates (HPL) for transit car ceilings and walls. INPS train products include: Thermoformed Interior Panels, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels, Window Freezes, Window Masks, Interior Panels, Kydex Panels, Wall Panels, Metal Fabricated Component. Ceiling Panels Cove …

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