May 2024

Custom Braille Signs

An accessible world is an inclusive world, and at INPS we are committed to making that vision a reality. Empowering Independence through Accessible Signage. Our Braille and tactile accessible sign systems are designed to assist people with low or impaired vision, as well as those with vision loss, to navigate their surroundings independently and safely. …

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Understanding Fire Route Signage Ensures Safety

Fire routes play a critical role in ensuring the safety of both property occupants and emergency responders. Adhering to fire route regulations, particularly concerning parking restrictions, signage, and compliance with Ontario Building Code standards, is imperative. Understanding Fire Routes: Properties designate fire routes as lanes or areas that provide essential access for emergency vehicles such …

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Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings

Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings with TSW Multi-Master Remover Quickly Removes Graffiti from all Surfaces graffiti resistant coatings Semi-Gloss Finish Graffiti Resistant CoatingTSW4 Acryli-Master Low Sheen Finish Graffiti Resistant CoatingTSW8 Acryli-Master TSW4 and TSW8 Acryli-Master are clear, water-based acrylic, non-sacrificial graffiti-resistant coatings specifically formulated to provide repeated protection against graffiti vandalism by sealing the surface. …

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