Enhance Accessibility with Accessible Parking Permit Signs

INPS Traffic Division specializes in enhancing visibility and safety in diverse settings, such as parking lots, streets, and highways. RB-93 Accessible Parking Permit Signs are crucial for compliance and accommodating individuals with disabilities.

Accessible Parking Permit Signs

Accessible Parking Permit Signs (RB-93)

Meeting Accessible Legal Requirements

Many jurisdictions have laws and regulations mandating accessible parking spaces in parking lots to comply with disability rights and accessibility standards. RB-93 signs clearly mark these designated parking spots, indicating they are reserved for individuals with disabilities who possess valid parking permits.

Enhancing Accessibility

Designed with wider spaces, access aisles, and proximity to building entrances, accessible parking spaces facilitate easy access for individuals with disabilities. RB-93 signs play a critical role in identifying and ensuring the availability of these spaces when needed.

Promoting Equal Opportunity

Accessible parking permits and designated spaces foster equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities to access facilities, services, and amenities. By mitigating mobility barriers, these spaces enable full participation in various activities.

Prevention of Misuse

RB-93 Accessible Parking Permit Signs actively deter misuse of accessible parking spaces, ensuring fairness and accessibility. Their clear designation dissuades individuals without disabilities or valid permits from occupying these spots.

Accessible Parking Permit Signs

Constructed with 3M Reflective on Aluminum, these signs guarantee durability in all weather conditions.

Accessible Parking Permit Signs

Understanding the VAN ACCESSIBLE Tab (RB-93t)

A Crucial Addition: The VAN ACCESSIBLE tab complements accessible parking signage, indicating spaces suitable not only for individuals with disabilities but also large enough to accommodate vans. This addition significantly enhances accessibility for those facing mobility challenges, ensuring suitable parking spaces for their needs.

Accessible Parking Permit Signs

All signs are available in French and English.

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