Railcar Remarking with In-House Expertise

Leading the Industry with Turnkey Solutions and Unmatched Convenience

At the heart of INPS’ success lies its unique approach to service delivery. Unlike traditional providers who rely on multiple contractors and third-party suppliers, INPS houses and manufactures all materials required for railcar remarking in-house. From 3M AAR Approved vinyl graphics to Mylar paint stencils and AEI tags, INPS offers a one-stop solution for all remarking needs.

INPS Railcar Remarking and color matching

In addition to its robust material capabilities, INPS boasts a team of experienced project managers who can track and trace active railcars, providing valuable insights and coordination for remarking locations. The company*s mobile crews are also on standby to travel anywhere across North America, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility for clients.

INPS Mobile Crew remarking a railcar

Safety is paramount at INPS, with all installers and mobile crews undergoing rigorous training and certification, including eRailSafe certification. This commitment to safety, coupled with access to the latest AEI tag technology through a direct distributorship with Transcore, ensures that every project is executed with precision and efficiency. 

INPS Mobile Crew using a tablet re-programmer
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