Thermoforming for Transit

INPS thermoforms (vacuum forms) wall panels, window panels and stairwell panels for train interiors. INPS also manufactures high pressure laminates (HPL) for transit car ceilings and walls.

INPS train products include: Thermoformed Interior Panels, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels, Window Freezes, Window Masks, Interior Panels, Kydex Panels, Wall Panels, Metal Fabricated Component.

Ceiling Panels

  • Continuously developing innovative and maintenance friendly solutions.
  • Onsite with engineering to solve issues and solutions.

Cove Panels

  • Cove panels are the transition between wall and ceiling.
  • INPS custom manufactures a variety of wall panels and components for the rail industry.

  • Multi-layered panel system can be easily installed inside the locomotive by your staff or our team of professionals.
  • Quiet Ride enhances the look of the cabin interior and is custom-made to fit all locomotive models.

Stairway Linings

  • INPS thermoforms (vacuum forms) stairwell panels for bi-level train interiors.
  • Wall panels manufactured according to your measurements and exacting specifications, with all cut-outs and future add-ons in mind.

Trim Panels

Trim panels are filler pieces that go between window freezes.

  • Sizes 2’ to 10”
  • Peer panel trim pieces that go in between window freezes.

Wall Panels

  • Thermoformed Interior Panels
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels
  • FRP (Fiberglas reinforced Panels)
  • Kydex Panels
  • Ceiling Panels

Window Freezes

  • INPS is able to accommodate all types by forming these window and wall panels into custom colours.
  • Products can be manufactured in custom textures and colours (including precise colour matching).
  • Use them to overhaul damaged interiors or create an eye-catching look that your ridership will enjoy.
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