Autorack Railcar Lighting

For Effortless Automobile Loading and Unloading

In an Autorack railcar, perforations allow vehicle exhaust to escape and these small holes provide the only source of light which comes from the outside yard lights. These external yard lights often fall short in brightness and can be obstructed during loading and unloading, creating challenges for workers.

Interior of a railcar with minimal light coming from outside only.

INPS came up with a solution – a modular LED light system strategically installed
throughout the railcars.

Prototypes were implemented to gauge brightness and light levels, ensuring optimal functionality. The decision was made to position the light source under the car, eliminating obstructions and streamlining vehicle placement. 

Prototypes installed and tested for optimum visibility.

Pre-production prototypes were installed in five autorack railcars. These railcars were loaded and unloaded at night using LED lights, then transitioned to another railyard. This innovative solution enhanced visibility, ensuring workers’ safety during tasks like loading and unloading, especially with the precision required due to the narrow car dimensions. 

The avoidance of traditional methods like flashlights minimizes the risk of damage to valuable vehicles. Overall, the cutting-edge lighting system transforms the Autorack railcar experience for load/unload crews.

Interior of railcar with LED lighting system installed.
Autorack railcar as seen from the outside with LED system installed.

INPS proudly serves freight railroads nationwide, especially those supporting the 70 plus automobile manufacturing plants scattered across North America.

Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, INPS’ Autorack lighting solution is ready
to elevate the efficiency and safety of your railcar loading operations.

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