Serial Plates & Industrial Labels

ID Tags

Stainless Steel (etched and colour filled)

Stainless steel nameplates are chemically etched and infilled with colour and ‘baked’ to provide a durable long-lasting label with contrast for ease of reading.

Aluminum (metal photo or etched)

Anodized aluminum offers a durable finish whereby the text detail is sealed within the grain of the aluminum.

Etched, colour filled and metal photo nameplates

Plastic / Lamacoid / Gravoply

Used as identification tags for machine panels, electrical panels and industrial machinery. They can be used to identify buttons, switches, lights and to warn machine operators of potential hazards. Suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications. 

Example of engraving in reverse and first surface engraving

Polycarbonate (Printed and/or embossed)

Polycarbonate is a lightweight, durable, versatile material that is resistant to scratches, harsh elements and many chemicals. Used for decorative purposes, overlays, instructional labels, instrument panels, etc.

Examples of Polycarbonate embossed and printed labels

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