Porsche wrap

Porsche Taycan’s Custom Wrapping

porsche wrapporsche wrapporsche wrapporsche wrap

For Promotional Use & Film Protection

Project Overview:
INPS was serviced to wrap a Porsche prior to a competitive artistic paint challenge. After the cars were painted by an artist, INPS was serviced to wrap a protective film over the painted Porsches. 

1. The painted artwork cannot be permanent and should be easily removable at the end of the competition.

2.The painted artwork could not have the standard clear film applied as it is a wet
app install.

1. Using 3M’s 2080 series of wrap films, we were able to wrap a white Porsche in matte white and a black Porsche in matte black. The matte surface provides an ideal surface on which to use water based paints 

2. Using 3M’s IJ180-114 clear film with comply technology, we were able to apply the film dry and preserve the water based artwork underneath essentially encapsulating the artwork.

Project Details:
Location: Toronto, Ontario

INPS Police Fleet Graphics


Scope of Project:

• Cut Vinyl
• 3M 2080 series wrap film
• 3M IJ180-114 clear film
• 3M 8520 Overlaminate film

Installation by 3M Preferred Installer