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Delineator Posts & Channelizers

Recovery Sign PostsRecovery Sign PostsSign Post With Sign

Flexible delineator posts are traffic markers used to divide lanes and help direct traffic. They can also be offered as a flexible sign post option. A flexible delinator consists of a plastic tube, hinge and base. INPS offers the following delineators: 

INPS offers Recovery sign posts in two sizes (42” and 66” tall). The diameter is two inches and it is a rebound post. These recovery posts include bolts to attach to a fixed base. Anchor kits available for asphalt and concrete installation. The impact recovery base is sold separate, but also available. These posts are flexible, if bumped into. The surface mount option makes it easier for install, as you don’t have to drill or cut concrete.

We also sell the TC-51C 42” Orange Non Stacking Channelizer with Handle Top with White Stripe. These portable delineators work in conjunction with our 12lbs. Rubber Base. These are used for temporary conditions for road work and parking lot work. They can also be used interiorly for construction areas.