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Top 10 Parking Signs


Common Types of Parking Lot Signs

When deciding on signs for your parking lot the following are important sign considerations.

Parking of unauthorized vehicles on private property has become a problem for property owners. As a result, The City of London has a By-law to allow for ticketing of vehicles on private property under certain criteria.

By-Law parking signs include barrier-free parking that allows people with disabilities access to parking spaces. Fire Route No Parking Signs which provide access during emergencies; therefore, they must remain clear.

When designing a parking lot or establishing parking for customers don’t forget to include Expectant Mother Parking, Limited Mobility, and Caregivers Parking. If your parking lot is big enough, Bill 123 2019 calls for electric vehicle parking only signs which includes a charging station.

When directing traffic flow remember stop signs, directional arrows, Yield and Do Not Enter Signs. All of these signs allow for smooth traffic flow and decrease the chance of collisions in the parking lot.

Speed safety in a parking lot ensures drivers to slow down when in the lot. Speed bumps along with speed bump signage guarantees vehicles will slow down. Speed limit signs set the tone for what is an acceptable speed in the parking lot. Pedestrian crossing makes drivers aware to watch for visitors walking back and forth.

Make your parking lot safe with Security signs. Private Parking – No Trespassing signs deter unwanted guests. Video Surveillance signs ensure that visitors know they are being watched.