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West 5 Parking Complex

West 5 Parking Complex

U-flange Post in CementCustom Parking Signs

Custom Parking Signage

Project Overview:
West 5 is the most visionary, sustainable lifestyle destination. Ever. The retail destination is a place where developers wanted residents to park once and hit the shops. At this parking location are boutique style brands, lunch locations and a central park with events and activities. The eclectic central park includes includes free parking.

The challenge of this Sifton parking project was to meet criteria, design and functionality. 

Custom parking signage was required where architectural drawings where colour pallets were included.

The parking garage required design elements.

Much of the ground was cement filled and therefore installation into cement was required for the parking signs.

The custom green parking signs included architect drawings.

When designing the parking garage signage, INPS was to maintain the same colours and product type.

Core drilling was used to put the u-flange posts into the cement. The parking signs were placed three feet in from parking so they would not get backed into.

Vinyl decorative hardware was used to match the green sign face.

Project Details:
Location: London, Ontario

Scope of Project:
•  Project Management
•  Production Artwork
•  Project Management
•  Colour Matching
•  Digital Printing
•  Overlaminates
•  Sign Posts / Hardware
•  Installation

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