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Digital Printed Signs

Digital Printed Parking Signs8519 Overlaminate applied to Engineering Grade Vinyl

INPS is a true manufacture

We offer on-site digital printing capabilities, allows for a short turnaround and even a modification of the image with each impression. INPS fabricates custom parking signs, custom entrance signs, custom property signs, and custom business parking signs.

INPS can apply ink directly on 3M™ Reflective Sheeting

All our digital printed signs are manufactured with:

• 3M Certified Inks Used
• 3M Matched Component MCS
• 3M Platinum Select UV Digital Printer

INPS’s digital printers are capable of printing:

• 6 Color Plus White
• UV Cured Inks
** All our signs have long term outdoor durability **

INPS has a team of installers highly trained on Municipal, Regional, and MTO Signage By-laws.

INPS offers all the posts and hardware needed to install custom parking signs.