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Security Signs

Private Property Sign24 Hour Video Surveillance Sign

Private property signs should help deter unwanted visitors from your property

In order to maximize protection, you may want to install security cameras as well as signs that warn individuals they will be captured on video. Other ways to discourage strangers from parking on your property include building gates and developing a community watch program, in which members agree to notify local authorities about any suspicious characters.

Private Property Signs

Posting private property signs informs others that you do not want uninvited guests parking on or near your property. It is important to understand the laws about entering and remaining on a private property without authorization.

People are likely to respect private property signs as well as general warning signs. A sign with a message about private property or “no trespassing” makes it obvious that only people with permission are authorized to be on the property. Signs that warn about private property convey a sense of seriousness and alarm individuals that they may be violating local laws. In order for your sign to be effective, it needs to be visible both day and night.

Video Surveillance Signs

Security signs provide an extra layer of security in addition to an active security system. The use of video surveillance to detect, deter and prosecute crime has increased significantly over the last few years. Police and law enforcement authorities increasingly view it as a legitimate tool to combat crime and ward off criminal activity..